March 15th, 2008


I have not posted in while i have picture. I have been sick the last few days yuck. I recently took the car in for service before it died this time :P * i had though to walk about an hour home, till about half way called my BF and said i am dying please pick me up, Hacking a lung all weekend in the mornings. Geting better though :) the walk and dust don't help can't breath. Had Koda with me. Manager let me bring him on friday he did (side note, BF playing song that i think i heard from another, but can't remember going to drive me insane til i get it ^.-) Anyhow!... :P Koda did ok i think he could of dne better, but my manager won't let me bring him on busy weekend... ok i can understand this. i guess. Uhmm things have been goin ok. Koda's First birthday is on March 27th having a Doggie b-day party!! Anyone have friendly pups who wannna come, please let me know. i believe is my e-mail :P let me know if ya wanna come!.
going to be held at SLo one of their parks and on the 30th a Sunday of March.
dktgier ps i was walking on home from the car place and took this picture of a propane place. ^.^

And this is a cute one of my pup i like :P