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*happy yawns*

YAY i am now home after a loving visit with my boyfriend, who did not attend this years con, but will next year, *sqwee* that makes me all happy inside that he will be with me next time at con. I dos love him very much!! Well looked for more pictures of me and my pup Koda the Boxer, didn't find any of my pup but got a few of me thanks ^.^ This con was great and now i am exshasted and shall fallow what my pup is doing, snoring away on my couch, sprawled :P hehe He is so cute >^.^<
*yawns* i am soo tired, but wide awake still... meybe listenin to the chipmunks album doesn't help i have this craven to get in suit and dance still!! LOLZ well i do need sleep as school and work starts up tomorrow booked schedule. i just wanted one more day at con, *sighs happily* But it was a good Con. Thanks to Camarapup for helping me out with my suit, and alex and netolu for putting up with my pup at the hotel.... and every one at con with his crazyness hyperness. i will have him more less licky by next con, and his daddy will be their :P i eating bagel for dinner, and sitten here day dreaming of next con, yay.
My parents own a preschool and i went over in suit when i got back, i gots lots of aww he is soo cute, and pats and kisses, n hugs. hehe even though i ama girl. Well they guessed last time i was in suit over that it was me, but this time i think hopfully they won't But i think one of the teachers told them last time it was me, darn them for ruining my fun! i do work their too they soo cute those little kids. I have to give shout out to the little ones at FC, they made it all the more funner! so cute the ones in suit, and to see other little ones walkin around besides me. i kept getting asked if i was a kid, nope just really short. LOL
PS i sometimes have to say ack my ADD!!


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Jan. 30th, 2008 07:25 am (UTC)
I'm glad you had fun, Sachi.

Go to bed. Get some sleep and spend some quality time with Aaron.
Jan. 31st, 2008 01:14 am (UTC)
sleep is irrelevant ;) I'll get you a copy of the pics and video as soon as i get fully unpacked. And we need to start working on a fnl skit for next year hehe ;)
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