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*sigh* downfall

Well i have to say acthelion, i feel the same way. i try and had a heart to my mother with whats going on truthely.Didin't go so well. SHe ended up saying idon't apreciate her, that my relationships arent that important to seek help from my councelor. That don't have any problems, wtf do i need a service dog, i am strong their is nothing wrong with me. Ok mother than what do you explain the semesters before and moving out. to now where i have my service dog and you keep telling me how much better i have gotten.
Well the last weekend was fall... litterally my leg is severilly bruised and a muscle aches so badly tis their be a nasty bruised knot. And not the good kind of knots ;) Their was a shelf in our garage it fell over in the wind i ran out in the darkness into the rain to get milk for the cake we were eating for my uncles b-day. I ran right into and over it. *smash* Luckilly my boyfriend was right their and came over to me... wow i don't remember crying over a stupid accident that i have done... yeah it was that bad :( So my dad came around the corner, and another uncle of mine *carying coffee* and i hear is that sachi! *smash* their goes my uncle over the shelf like me but he was walking. And their goes the yummy coffee :( he is ok i believe, but everyone i show the bruise to they all go OMG!! ouch Well i told one friend and he said i should come up with a crazy story. half his idea here is goes.
I was walking into the factory of milk processing and i was about to leave with a glass of milk of my own, and a bunch of ninjas came out and attacked me spilling my wonderfull milk. Out of the fight i got this nasty bruise and a scrapped elbow... i told him it was yeah.... ok that is cool :) lol amusing i think i tweeked it. It is a week later and the bruise remains and my leg is stiff and still sore at least i can move easyer.
ps. i like jellybeans >^.^<
oh and most important Koda is turning a year old on march 27th and his best buddy dog is on the 28th of march they love eachother and are b-days a day apart. So i am throwing a doggie b-day party YAY later updates later when i have the details and dates set >^.^< Sqwee
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