I had a good day at work, tired as ussual, but what else is new. i don't like having to open so early. i am a night cat not morning one ( i keep accidently hittign the caps botton, for if i am lazy to retype) though i love the cool weather in the morning, especially since our AC at work isn't working. One employee said it feels allright right now during puppy class. Both me and the trainer said not if you have been in here all day. Walking outside int eh heat feeels refreshing after being in here. :P Kod ai sodoing very well in his training, i am getting a lot of he is such a good boy. that makes a mother feel happy to hear. >^.^< i walked into Petco in SLO not to cause trouble, but to see what our competition is. I talked ot one of the food reps that is ussually in our store, she told me they were short staffed that day. So ok i shall give them a little slack. I walked around no one asked if i needed any help, besides the food rep, she was the nicest, responsive person their. the fish department,a couple tanks had ICK. the girl was chewing gum, and walked right past me without a care. I asked for a specific type of fish, she didn't really know much about them. I wonder if she was in the pet care department, but she knew what day fish arrived, and a couple things about the fish though after reading it's tag. They failed that test. Next one will be me and Koda walking into Petco seing if they can do a better job. :p
sachi i love working at Petsmart, now if i can get mroe hrs and pay. second job is now needed. ^^
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Koda pup

He is getting so big and handsome >^.^< this was taken last night on my comp, which is a mac :P

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hehe girly stuff

So today i drag on, with my all so confusing crazy life. yay! i have a puppy sitter for Koda this weekend while i help a friends mom with her b-day party seeting up and serving drinks, funess ^^ and today i decide to give Time a call, a freind with a Doberman pupppy about Koda's age. Interesting enough his major is the same as mine, and he is going to cuesta. Scary enough my father likes him oh great just what i need my father telling me to call him go to the movies with him. *sigh* i like him his humure is funny, he makes how short i am funny in astupid way. He likes short girls, and is only hanging out with me for my dog :P hehe yeah he is cool i guess going to see if i can go hang out with him today, but it seems we are both busy. He is working at Pacific coast wildlife care till 12 than has swimming practice later. oh well if it works it works. ^^
yeah like i said girly stuff i guess. lol
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Ok so i had to work friday and sat morning shifts. I than went to a friends house, to whatch movies. i took Koda, he was a good boy, with not going potty inside, except once, but i didn't have him beside me. i decided to have a drink, Vodka with Cocal cola. I was already really tired, ready to fall asleep before i drank any. the one glass, (it was a small plastic cup, not a lot) more. It turned into *ponders* three glasses of booz. By that time i fell asleep, and then couldn't get up without feeling nautiouse, and dizzy. Ended up waking up later on, still sick, but able to slowly move and take the pup out to go to the bathroom. The next morning i had a yucky hang over and a stomach ache. Now i have small headache, and stomach ache resting after i went to work from 10am-4pm. I don't like booz any more. I wasnt trying to get drunk either. :( And tonight my mother tells me it is homemade teriaky chicken, for dinner with their friends over. *tears* one time my parents make food, that i can stand, and i feel to sick to eat. i shall try a little, i know i need to eat.
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Sales people

Ok i do not want to affend anyone. But right now it is 9:44 at night and my house has recieved four sales poeple calling. Saing their first line of we are not selling anything, we just want your opnion. Well opnion this i want to sleep!! i don't want to talk to anyone, my opinion is get a life, oh ok that is your life? ok a better time to call back, would be never, or how about at noon tomorrow so i can be more awake to tell you i am not interested. these people pick the worst time. i don't care if they live somewhere far away. Do the math to figure out what time it is here! you don't know math than go back to school, and meybe after your math is done than by that time you might be able to get a better job, or a better life. i can't imagine people live to hear people hang up on them so many times in one day. That is not a good life, or a way to spend part of your life. i am sorry but i would like to sleep, or at least not hear the phone constantly ringing. It's not a few rings it is ring answering machine than they hang up just to call tomorrow night! *sigh* people come on not everyone is stupid.
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So cute

Koda is home. I am so happy, he is totally a momy's boy. And i am being such a mother. He doesn't want to leave my side. Which i don't mind at all. He has not barked or whine at night. He is very well potty trained. for inside. Just as long as their arent any plants lying around. He is almost 9 weeks old. He is very polite, he knows when he is trouble, it is cute. And when i have to put him outside, or go to work, he doesn't whine, or bark but howl. It is abad habbit, but i can't help it at his age it is adorable. He is a bed hog though :P, but that is ok for now. right now he fell asleep on my lap, as usual. He likes to right by me, or on my lap. I am glad to have him.
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I am in Sf, for my coudin't wedding. the first day groom's parents house for dinner, was sick later that night up late stomach ache, feeling dizzy. Second day went with mom to help all the girls get ready for the wedding. Wedding came, first part outside, nice weather, still at that point i had a stomach ache still. Second part inside ceremony, i was vdieo taping. Mistake to not eat or drink anything all day standing still in a hot room. Almost fainted, embarrasing. Was dizzy, light headed, started to los my vision, than i was helped into the bathroom to wash, and go outside to drink some water, and take in some fresh air. not fun. later had some really yummy food, danced, and drank some wine for toasting (white wine, pretty good) most of the night i stuck with water and sherlly temples. Still sick, i am going to bed looking forward to picking up Koda my pup tomorrow evening, and leaving once more from my parents whatchfull eye, and dominance


Ok my first Movie Premier was to see the Pirated 3 movie, i shall say this. Ausome!!!! everyone shall love the movie, it had plenty of good parts, action, love, thrill, and lots of funny moment! i go sleep so many people yelling, *sigh* school is over till next fall. sleeeeep yay finally. *ponders* i hope i have good hrs next week at work. And i get to bring Koda home on the 29th of this next week. this weekend i go to my cousin's wedding in SF more of parents and family. oh well it will be fun... i think
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